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We love everything about Wood Panel Walls. From its one of a kind appearance and the spellbinding way it develops to the numerous properties and utilizations that it offers.  We specializes in luxury wood paneling and wood products. We are happy to help in any way we can. Please contact us!


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We love everything about Wood Panels. From its one of a kind appearance and the spellbinding way it develops to the numerous properties and utilizations that it offers. Throughout the long term, these exceptional more than 20 Years of experience and expertise have been involved by regarded names in the American businesses, residential, commercial, industrial and flight ventures and respected brands in Australia, UK, USA, Canada, Europe, Israel and India wood panel’s furnishing industry.

Wall Panel Wall Australia, Our business has enough experience of wood, we then put this into making a scope of premium wall framing that was immensely fruitful inside India. Our Panel is MDF Wood  & Real Oak Finish Top. Wood Wall Cladding Siding Board. We provide Fast Delivery all over Australia. Order Now!

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Perfect Decorative Panel for All Interior Designs.​

The acoustic slat wood wall panel range is a beautifully designed wood strip decorative wall and ceiling panel which boasts high-quality acoustic properties. The panels can be easily applied to both walls and ceilings, modern styling personified in every way. The natural wood range is produced with a luxury quality, smooth wood REAL OAK finish. Lamella strips with a clean, modern appearance are mounted onto a uniquely designed, recycled acoustic felt material. Fast and simple installation allows you to quickly transform any space.

These panels come unfinished, so we recommend adding a finish to protect the wood. Applying a finish also allows you to alter the color any way you choose. Any wood finish can be used, including waxes, oils, lacquers, and varnishes. When applied, the color and grain in the wood will instantly richen. These panels will join next to each seamlessly with no join line showing.

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Collaborators have been demanding our Wood Panel Wall Australia products for different types of projects all around the world for the past few years. Therefore please feel free to share your project and thoughts with us if your next project contains slat walls or wall panels. We recognize that as an interior designer, architect, contractor or construction company, you may require bigger quantities of our product line.

A service was developed by Wood Panel Wall Australia exclusively for decorators, designers, and other professionals in the field. If you choose to cooperate with us and use items from Wood Panel Wall Australia, you’ll also receive discounts. With the help of our products, it is simple to give the tasks and areas you are working on a sleek and trendy appearance. Send us an email, and we’ll respond to you right away.

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