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Brown Oak Smoke Acoustic Slat Wood Panel Wall – 100% Real Oak Finish


Designed with a mix of rich colors and style variations, our Brown Oak Smoke Acoustic Slat wood panel easily complements both modern and traditional decors. Suitable for both residential and commercial settings, its aesthetic appeal adds warmth and charm to homes, offices, or retail spaces. Offered in three convenient sizes, our Brown Smoke wood panel ensures a seamless fit for projects of any scale. Make your interiors stand out with this chic and robust wood paneling option.

– Several Colors & Style Variations
– For both Residential and Commercial Use
– 10mm Slat space gap
– Easy to Install
– 21mm Thickness 

– Cover Packaging Dimensions:
8ft 1 Pack = 7.87 (sft cover pr carton)
8ft 2 Pack = 15.74 (sft cover pr carton)
10ft = 12.831 (sft cover pr carton)
12ft = 15.431 (sft cover pr carton)

We provide Free Shipping all over the USA.

Standard-size panel handling time and delivery combined may take 5-7 business days.

For oversized panels, expect a handling and delivery combined of 7-9 business days.

NOTES: **This includes residential & commercial delivery. Also (If stocks are available).

Our service is committed to offering a reliable as well as a satisfying environment for all of you. Our clients provide radiant references for us since we aspire to excellent quality. We work very closely together with our clients to attain a suitable vision for their homes. At Wood Panel Wall USA, we share your commitment to creating customized spaces that exhibit your unique design.

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